Middle Infielders

Abraham Sequera 2017 SS/ C St Brendan High School

Abraham Sequera is a 2017 graduate of the state championship team St. Brendan High School in Miami, Florida.  He plays SS & C for his team.  He is very athletic and strong and covers a lot of ground as a SS and has an amazingly low pop-time.  He has a 3.3 GPA.  He can be reached at asequera17@perfectrecruits.com

Avery George 2017 SS/CF/ RHP Humble High School

Avery George is a SS/CF at Humble High School in Houston, TX. He has good speed and is developing into a TOP SS as a result of his strong arm and quick feet.  He can be reached at ageorge17@perfectrecruits.com

Branden Perdomo 2017 SS/OF Hialeah High School

Branden Perdomo plays at Hialeah High School and also for the Florida Legends in the summer. He is EXTREMELY athletic and versatile. He plays OF and MIF with great ease. See the video below for some of his remarkable plays.  Branden has a 3.0 GPA and he can be reached bperdomo17@perfectrecruits.com

Jake Curry 2018 SS/ RHP Coral Shores High School

Jake Curry is a RHP that can also play SS. He is versatile of the field but will most likely be a RHP at the college level. He is expected to be over 6’2″ and will most likely develop into a power pitcher. He has a 3.5 GPA thus far and can be reached at jcurry18@perfectrecruits.com

Kevin Cardentey 2018 SS/2B South Dade High School

Kevin Cardentey is a 2018 graduate of South Dade High School and he plays SS/2B there.  He has above average defensive skills player with good speed as well as he is a good contact hitter.   Kevin is young and will continue to develop as he gets older.  He has a 3.5 GPA . He can be reached at kcardentey18@perfectrecruits.com  

Macrae Kendrick 2019 SS Atascocita High School

 is a SS at Atascocita High School in Houston, TX. He is a 2019 high school graduate.  he can be reached at mkendrick19@perfectrecruits.com 


Michael Mejias 2017 MIF Westwood Christian

Michael Mejia is a SS / 2B at Westwood Christian in Miami, FL  he graduates high school in 2017   He can be reached at  mejiatwins17@perfectrecruits.com   

Nathan Pereira 2017 MIF Westwood Christian School

Nathan Pereira is a SR at Westwood Christian School in Miami, FL   he can be reached at npereira17@perfectrecruits.com  

Nick Tiano 2017 MIF/ RHP The Benjamin School COMMITTED

Nick Tiano will graduate from high school at The Benjamin School in 2017. He plays MIF and also is a RHP. He has a 3.3 GPA and he can be reached at ntiano17@perfectrecruits.com  

Preston Sam 2017 SS/3B/RHP Archbishop McCarthy High

Preston Sam is a 2017 high school graduate at Archbishop McCarthy High School. He is a 3B/SS/RHP and hits with power.  He is expected to be an impact player at the power house multiple state championship team of  McCarthy.  He has a 4.1 GPA and he can be reached at psam17@perfectrecruits.com.

Raul Canard 2017 SS/RHP North Broward Prep High School

Raul Canard is at North Broward Prep High School. He is the SS at the Varsity Level and will also see a lot of time of the mound this upcoming season.  He has a 3.5 GPA and can be reached at rcanard17@perfectrecruits.com

Samuel ‘Sammy” Guillorme 2017 SS University School COMMITTED

Samuel Guillorme from University School will be highly recruited. He has great hand- eye coordination and footwork as a SS. He hit with gap to gap power and runs the bases well. Sammy has a 3.5 GPA  and he can be reached at sguillorme17@perfectrecruits.com

Shane LeMaster 2017 MIF Charlotte High School COMMITTED

Shane LeMaster is a MIF at Charlotte High School. he can be reached at lemastertwins17@perfectrecruits.com