Abraham Sequera 2017 C/SS St Brendan High School

Abraham Sequera is a 2017 graduate of the state championship team St Brendan High School in Miami, Florida.  He plays SS & C for his team.  He is very athletic and strong and covers a lot of ground as a SS and has an amazingly low pop-time.  He has a 3.3 GPA.  He can be reached at

Brandon Holifield 2018 South Plantation High School

Brandon Holifield plays Catcher but mainly he is an OF.  He has above arm strength and covers a lot of ground in the outfield. Offensively he is a solid “gap to gap” hitter that hits into the opposite field with ease.   He has a 3.5 GPA and he can be reached at

Giovany Lorenzo 2017 Catcher Caterbury High School COMMITTED

Giovany Lorenzo is a power hitting catcher from Cypress Lakes High School in Ft. Myers, Florida.  He will graduate in 2017.  Giovany can be reached at  

Logan Barker 2017 C/ 3B Hargrave Military Academy Virginia

Logan Barker is a C & a 3B at Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia.  He is expected to be highly recruited in the Virginia area.  He has 3.6 GPA thus far in high school.  He can be reached at

Marc Romero 2017 Catcher Sunset High School

Marc Romero is a very strong catcher behind the plate. Has very good presence on the field and also has great blocking skills.   He is a 2017 Catcher at Sunset High School in Miami, FL. He is a LEFT Handed hitter at the plate and shows good power as well as opposite field hitting abilities.   He is expected to be at 3.5 GPA. He can be reached at

Michael Bucca 2017 C/ 1B Spanish River High School COMMITTED

Michael Bucca is expected to be a very high college recruit in our 2017 Class. He has very high GPA currently above 3.8 GPA and all indications are that he will excel in the SAT/ACT exams.   Athletically he has a good frame to fill into with a current  “pop” time of slightly above 2.0 which we will see get better as he matures. Michael hits the ball with consistency and has good opposite field swing as well.  He is training hard and will develop very well as time progresses.  He is at Spanish River High School in Palm Beach. He can be reached at

Michael Johnson 2017 C Cosby High School VA

Michael Johnson is a  Catcher that will graduate high school in 2017 from Cosby High School   he can be reached at

Mitchell Doll 2017 C/ RHP Archibishop McCarthy High School

Mitchell Doll is a RHP and a Catcher at the multi-time Florida State Championship team Archbishop McCarthy High School in Cooper City, Florida. Mitchell has a 3.5 GPA and can be reached at


Ralph Morla 2017 C Flanagan High School

Ralph Morla is expected to be a TOP 2017 catcher in Broward county.  He has a strong arm and commands the game well. At the plate he has a strong bat and has HR power.  He has a 2.5 GPA and can be reached at